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Ornish-Friendly PLACES TO EAT
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        Although eating is not the only important part of the Dean Ornish program, participants often complain of the difficulty in finding restaurants that will cater to their special needs.

        This site will try to present a few restaurants able and willing to serve a number of vegan dishes which are very low in fat and which they will cook with no added oil. Some of these are in themselves outstanding places to eat, even for non-vegetarians.

The page will be a work-in-progress and welcomes the names of additional restaurants as well as comments by our readers. Please be sure to send us your discoveries at:  webmaster

      We will also offer suggestions on ordering food when you travel or eat out. This section begins below:

Golden Tea Pot

"Healthy Vegetarian, Japanese and Chinese Cuisne"

While they also serve fish dishes, including sushi, they prepare some excellent vegetarian mock seafood, poultry and meat dishes.

Be sure to tell them you want everything PREPARED WITHOUT OIL. They do make mistakes, but Joey, owner, manager and chief chef, does understand and can make incredible fat-free meals.

1750 White Horse Plaza
Mercerville Road, Hamilton, NJ  08619
(609) 890-4881

Masala Grill

Indian Cuisine, but with a difference. Always reduced fat content, Suchitra Patel, owner, a dietician and chef, can prepare very low fat dishes. For this special request she does need some advance warning. (We suggest you call Mrs. Patel at 921-0500.)

15 Chambers Street
Princeton, NJ  08540
(609) 921-0500


Excellent Indian food. Some of their dishes can be virtually oil-free. Some cannot. Some of their staff understand the requirements and they can provide food with no added oil. But you have to be sure not to choose deep-fat friend dishes, and you must stick to the chappathi, a whole wheat bread that has no added oil.

My favorite dish is the vegetarian Thali Maharani. Specify again, no oil.

See their web site:

3391 Route 27←
Franklin Town Center -- a mall
Phone: 732-422-

Karen's Chinese Restaurant

Excellent menu. Personally ask Karen to prepare your food (1) with no meat or fish, (2) no oil!, (3) no fried foods. Request soft tofu (not deep fat fried), and ask for her brown rice.

Her staff do make mistakes. If Karen is there, feel free to tell her that "Henry" says she should be sure the food is really oil-free.

All of the vegetable selections are good. I like her Moo-Shu Vegetables. The Mushroom Feast and Karen's Garden Special are outsdtanding.

36 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ  08542
609-683-1968  and  609-683-0820

Magic Moon Cafe

Rick Batlan writes to suggest the Magic Moon restaurant on Main Street in Pennington. They will prepare vegan meals without added oils or fats on request. The head chef and owner, Andria, is familiar with the Ornish diet, so a "vegan-Ornish" request is understood by her, although possibly not by the waiter/waitress. And Andria likes making these vegan surprises.

The cuisine is an eclectic Southwestern style and the vegan specials are always very good. You can ask for your meal to be prepared as spicy as you like, but I think its best to let the chef decide exactly what to prepare, especially since these are special preparations for her. If going as a group of people to order these Ornish meals, it might be good to call ahead to let them know that these requests are coming. That's probably not necessary, but it might prevent a disappointment.

Prices are reasonable. Dinners have cost from $10-$14, which spans the price range of their regular menu.

They are open for lunch, Tuesday through Friday, 11:30-2:30, and dinner Thursday, 5:30-9:00 and both Friday, and Saturday, 5:30-10:00.

9 Main Street
Pennington, NJ  08534
(609) 730-1010

This is just a start. More recommendations will be posted soon. Please submit the names of restaurants you have found which can cook by following the guidelines below: 

Email to: webmaster


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