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Princeton NJ Pets Feature


Pets play a huge role in our lives today. Man's best friends deserve the best information on care, products, and finding good homes. Natural pet food, daycare options, mobile pet grooming, and more are all listed below. Princeton Online's Pet Feature will keep you informed and your pet healthy and happy.

Pets for Adoption

Meet Sable, a healthy 1-year-old girl who loves to play and explore the world around her. She is still quite petite for her age, and her gentle personality fits perfectly with her delicate frame. Sable has a beautiful shorthair coat that looks like she’s wearing a small grey and white tuxedo. Her fur is a solid medium grey, punctuated by an off-center white nose tip, four white feet, a white chest, and a white belly. Sable came to us with an injury that required removing most of her tail, lea read more
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