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Dean Ornish Program
Princeton, New Jersey


What is the Dean Ornish Program?

What is the Princeton Support Group?


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The  Dean Ornish Program

The Dean Ornish program has been medically proven to reverse coronary arteriosclerosis without surgery or medication. It is not "alternative medicine". It is a program developed by physicians and employed in conjunction with medical care. It can prevent coronary artery disease in persons who may be at risk. Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease consists of four major components:

low fat vegetarian diet,
stress management,
moderate exercise and
psychosocial support.

Make no mistake. The Dean Ornish Program is not simply the Dean Ornish diet! Although the diet itself is healthful and might benefit almost everyone, the Dean Ornish program is a lifestyle change, and it is the complete "package" that has been shown to reverse heart disease.

The Princeton Group

The Princeton group is comprised of individuals and couples engaged in prevention or treatment of coronary heart disease by following the program designed by Dr. Dean Ornish. Some members of the group have attended workshops or retreats given by Dr. Ornish and his associates. Some have come to the program through reading Dr. Ornish’s books.


At this time, regular monthly meetings of the Princeton Group have been suspended. If they are resumed, they will be announced at this site.

A small support group continues to meet regularly, but to maintain its character as a support group, its size is necessarily limited and it is not accepting new members at this time.

Individuals familiar with the Ornish program and interested in forming a support group please write to webmaster and we may be able to offer some assistance.


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