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halfminds unite! (in Princeton)
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Your Second Piece of ASSS (read down for a 2nd hash - Going Down H3 (GDH3) details)
July 18 Saturday, 2:69 pm


30 S. Adelaide Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08901
                Princeton Hash House Harriers Hash Details 
When: Saturday July 18 @ 2:69 pm
Where: 30 S. Adelaide Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08901
There is this saying.  It goes something like "Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day.  Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime"
I'd like to give you a fish.  A hamburger tasting and smelling fish.  A beer tasting and smelling fish.  An orange tasting and smelling fish.

Because teaching is too hard.  Join your fellow hASSShers at special joint PH3/ASSSH3 this Saturday, July 18th!  Trail starts at 2:69 at the big parking lot on the corner of Rt. 27 and Adelaide Ave in Highland Park.  Modest hash cash.  Special on-after cookout with lawn games, beverages and shenanigans at the hare's residence near the start.

Going Down H3 (GDH3) Hash Details
When: July 18th 12:69 pm (1:09 pm)
Where: Batsto from a dirt/sand lot on Hammonton Road/Rte. 542. GPS coordinates for finding it better: 39.642149, -74.655913 (About 50 miles south of Princeton)

What to expect for this trail: I've got two different possible trails in mind. Both will have a lot of shiggy, either the wet kind or the deep (woods) kind. Trail should be about 4-5 miles long and have plenty of stops along the way.
Still working on an on-after! (Ideas welcome!)
This is our second trail! We're still a small group so invite your friends!               

======= More Recent Debacles =======

                                HIMZ's debacle went off without serious debacling on Wednesday, July 15th.  Write up forthcoming to avoid too much self-flagellation.