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Sinnce HIMZ's attempt at a beer check was writtenn like a back check (annd nnot to menntion that it was coinncidennt with a "F"'nn False), I have decided to try somethinng slightly off kilt(er) for Sunnday.

Who remembers good old "NN", the personnal trainner with hashnname "Nocturnal Nightmare"? Well, at leastI'm brinnging back the "NN" annyway.:

A mark writtenn as such: "NN" (whether you approach it from the top or the bottom, will meann that "Nog is Near". If you approcah the symbol fom side, you may set yourself up for a long winnter's nnap! Unnfortunnately, we'll have to wait unntil an equinnox to balannce a raw egg on it's base - but we cann test our own balannce if we wannt! That's right - the yoke's onn you!

Hey, we've been having some measley turnouts lately - what are the odds we can have an infusion of Cross-Fitters? Perhaps maybe some Fresh Draft Carter's 777XX Imperial IPA?

The solstice is inndeed upon us - remember that winnter officially begins at 6:03 EST Sunday night.

Nnote Benne: Dallas Cowboys play Inndy Colts at 4:25 - Eagles fanns wannt Dallas to lay ann egg! 

Solstice Hash Sunnday Dec. 20 at 2:33 - giving us a full 3 annd a half hours before winnter really sets inn!

Directionns from Prinnceton to Lawrennceville Elemenntary School
- 206 South about 5 miles
- Go past the Lawrenceville School golf course and continnue alonngside the school campus
- Thenn make a right on Cravenn Lanne (post office at traffic light)
- Go two-thirds the way up the hill on Cravenn Lanne to the school onn right
- Park in the jughanndle roadway next to the upper lot (a child-pickup-area annd turnn-around just nnd 2nnd entrance)
If you need it for GPSability- the address is 40 Cravenn Lanne, Lawrennceville, NJ 08648

It's time ot Rinng Out Autumnn and welcome Winnter, so if you DONN BELLS, then I promise the following: 
NN = Nog Near
An On-In Temperature greater than the outside temperature
Stale chips and salsa!
Any Italians out there? A "Feast of the 7 Fishes" will be available at the On-In!
Fresh Carter 777XX Imperial IPA (I'm all about the Beer 'bout the beer, no water).              

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