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PEI Kids and Capital Health Partner on Violence Prevention Initiative for Trenton Youth

Capital Health brings doctors, social workers, EMTs and nursing staff to facilitate special sessions at PEI Kids’ CJOOS program for juvenile offenders.


Trenton, NJ – December 1, 2015 – PEI Kids, a Mercer County nonprofit focused on violence prevention and intervention for children and youth, reached out to Capital Health in July to discuss partnering on a violence-prevention initiative in the City of Trenton to address the urban street violence that has resulted in scores of traumatized, injured, and murdered youth.  Realizing many of these victims end up in their trauma center, Capital Health saw a unique opportunity to connect with first- and second-time offenders in PEI Kids’ CJOOS – Comprehensive Juvenile Offenders Outreach Services – program to reach youth on the cusp and at-risk of more dangerous involvement in criminal life.  

The CJOOS program, held at Trenton’s Sam Naples Center, works with teens on probation to reduce delinquency and violence, provide job-readiness and life skills, social supports, and other aid to adjudicated and at-risk youth as an alternative to engaging in criminal behavior.  Most participants are referred to the program by Mercer County Family Court or by the Juvenile Probation Unit.  Beginning on Saturday, December 5th, Capital Health’s team will co-facilitate three, weekly CJOOS sessions with PEI Kids as part of their collaborative violence-prevention initiative that will continue into 2016.

PEI Kids Executive Director, Roz Dashiell, explains “We already knew that many of the kids in our CJOOS program have had their lives saved and have literally been ‘put back together’ by the very capable team at Capital Health.  We realize, however, that we can’t simply continue to deal with the medical and legal aftermath.  We have to think innovatively about how to break this cycle of violence which takes the lives of our sons and daughters prematurely, and often spawns an escalating rash of retaliatory violence. Through this partnership, we are trying to address those complex issues.” 

Capital Health’s Steffanie Archbald, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, and Suzanne Borgos, Vice President of Planning, took the lead on pulling together their clinical and support teams.  PEI Kids and the Capital Health team believe that this partnership provides a real opportunity to affect change through meaningful dialogue between young people and the medical professionals who work closely with them and their family members through times of extreme crisis and trauma.  “These medical professionals are uniquely positioned to deliver a message of hope and second chance,” adds Dashiell.

An early supporter of the project, emergency-room trauma surgeon Dr. Steven Johnson -- medical director of both the Multi-Specialty Surgical Practice and Surgical Critical Care at Capital Health, understood the value and need for this kind violence-intervention program from his experience in urban hospital settings in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Newark (Delaware).  A young surgeon with a wealth of first-hand trauma experience, Dr. Johnson will lead one of the three Capital Health CJOOS sessions focusing on the impact of violence on the victim, family and community.  Other session leaders include James Boozan, Divisional Director of EMS/Patient Logistics and Nurse Manager, Phyllis O’Neill, RN, MSN.  Subsequent CJOOS sessions co-facilitated with Capital Health will focus on health and well-being and on career opportunities in healthcare. 

CJOOS Program Coordinator Rob Fiorello states, “I’m looking forward to all participants in this collaboration learning from each other.  I think we have much to teach the kids and they have much to teach us about the challenges of their daily lives.”  The CJOOS program is funded by The City of Trenton CDBG, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Church & Dwight, PSE&G, and donations made to PEI Kids.

About PEI Kids
Since 1985, PEI Kids’ mission has been dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for all children by providing Prevention, Education, and Intervention programs relating to personal safety; sexual abuse; bullying, assault prevention, and the overall well-being of the child. Currently serving approximately 14,000 children and their families annually, PEI Kids is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit which provides school-based prevention programs reaching over 13,000 students, teachers and parents.  PEI Kids’ intervention services include crisis counseling for child victims of sexual abuse as well as anger management and diversion programs for adjudicated youth and those at-risk of juvenile justice involvement. Since 2011, PEI Kids has been the lead agency for Greater Mercer Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse which spearheads the Enough Abuse Campaign in Mercer County  -- an effort which has trained over 1,500 Mercer County adults in how to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to child sexual abuse.  PEI Kids also provides transportation and supervised visitation for children in foster care and their families. To learn more about PEI Kids and how you can support their work, please call 609-695-3739 or visit

About Capital Health
Capital Health is the region’s leader in providing progressive, quality patient care with significant investments in our exceptional physicians, nurses and staff, as well as advanced technology. Comprised of two hospitals (Regional Medical Center in Trenton and Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell), the Hamilton outpatient facility, and various primary and specialty care practices across the region, Capital Health is a dynamic healthcare resource accredited by The Joint Commission.  ..A three-time Magnet-designated health system for nursing excellence, Capital Health serves as a Level II regional trauma center, regional perinatal center (including a Level III NICU), and emergency mental health screening center. Capital Health also offer the region’s first and most experienced Pediatric Emergency Department and most recently, New Jersey’s first Autism-Friendly Pediatric Emergency Department. Capital Health takes great pride in its innovative programs such as the Capital Institute for Neurosciences; nationally accredited Center for Comprehensive Breast Care; Center for Digestive Health; Marjorie G. Ernest Joint Replacement Center of Excellence; award-winning Center for Oncology; and the Heart & Vascular Institute, which includes the region’s first accredited Chest Pain Center. To learn more about Capital Heath, visit

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PDS Chess Teams Win Trophies at State Championships

Princeton – Twenty chess players from Princeton Day School competed in the New Jersey Grade Championship on Sunday, November 22 at the Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. This annual tournament decides the champion in each grade. 

Chess teacher Bonnie Waitzkin reported “Our players Winston Ni in fifth grade and Eric Wu in fourth grade each won the huge Championship trophy. Our teams were first in the first grade, second in fourth grade, first in fifth grade, second in sixth grade and first in seventh grade.” 

Winston Ni, an exceptional player who has been at PDS since PreK, is rated over 1900 and won the National Championship, the NJ State Championship, and the New York City Championship last year. He was recently invited to compete at the World Youth Championship in Greece, the highest level of international competition among players his age. On Sunday, Winston placed first in the fifth grade section leading the team of Jai Kasera (10th place) and Arjun Kumar to first place team.

The first grade team of Aiden George, Christian Lopez-Watt, Dhruv Nair, Eric Jiang (5th) and Isaac Kusminsky competed as a team at their first big tournament. Waitzkin noted “It was a roller coaster of wins and devastating losses as the players faced New Jersey’s best first grade players in five intense rounds.” (more…)


Competing in third grade were Clara Shin, Sonia Lackey and Claire Takeuchi. In Fourth Grade, with only two players, First Place Winner Eric Wu and Aadi Shankar won the trophy for second place school team. The strong sixth graders, primed to go to the National Grade Championship early in December, won second place. Albert Ming placed 5th and Dodge Martinson 6th.  Seventh grade girls Delia MaCarthy (10th) and Katie Jain won the second place team trophy. Nick Jain played in the tough 11th grade section, as well. 

Congratulations to the PDS Chess team!


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Assemblyman Elect Andrew Zwicker Talks Civic Engagement to Students

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Assemblyman-Elect Andrew Zwicker (D-16) delivered the keynote speech to over 1,200 high school students and teachers gathered at the Grand Hyatt for the Princeton Model Congress. The Princeton Model Congress mission is to educate students about government and encourage their involvement in the democratic process. It is the oldest model congress in America, and Dr. Zwicker joins a list of keynote speakers that includes national figures such as Paul Wolfowitz and Ralph Nader.


Dr. Zwicker told the story of how his career at Princeton University's Plasma Physics Lab led to his decision to run for the NJ General Assembly. He emphasized the crucial role that young people played in his narrow victory in Legislative District 16, a district considered safe for Republicans until this year's upset.


Zwicker said, "I'm inspired by the power of participation in the 2015 Princeton Model Congress. My election represents our democratic process at its finest. I invite these young leaders to advocate for positive change at all levels of government. It is truly an honor to be here.



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Chinese Ministry of Water visits NJ Watershed Association

November 20, 2015 (Pennington, NJ) – A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Water visited the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association last week.  Twenty officials arrived with a translator at the Watershed Center for Environmental Advocacy, Science and Education to tour the facilities and learn about the innovative technologies deployed at the center.


The tour included a close look at stormwater runoff which can be an overlooked source of pollution and a contributor to flooding. If properly managed, stormwater can provide an opportunity for water recycling and groundwater recharging.  Guests asked questions about how the Watershed Association collects and reuses stormwater at the Watershed Center with particular interest in the green roof design.  The rain gardens surrounding the building were still wet from an evening's rain and the delegates had the opportunity to see how the property distributes runoff. 


After a presentation from Watershed Executive Director, Jim Waltman, the group talked actively about impervious surfaces, soil composition, and natural water filtration.  The Watershed Association presented and exchanged gifts with the delegates as they completed their tour. 


"There was some trouble translating what it means to have a 'green lawn' here in America.  Our yards here are often treated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers- a major source of runoff pollution," says Waltman, "It is important to know that the world pollutes in a variety of ways.  I hope they never have to worry about pollution from artificially green lawns in China."


The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association offers tours and education programs geared around the innovative features of the new Watershed Center.  To learn more, visit the Watershed Center for yourself: Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturdays, 10am-4pm or online at


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$13,500 In Small Grants Awarded to 7 Communities

The Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC), in partnership with I Am Trenton Community Foundation and Isles, Inc., is pleased to announce the recipients of its Fall 2015 round of funding under the THDC Small Grants Program. THDC small grants support grassroots community development projects in the neighborhood bordered by West State Street, Willow Street, Hermitage Avenue, and Bellevue and Rutherford Avenues.
Seven projects selected through a competitive application process will receive a total of $13,500. Awards in this round range from $500 to $2,500. Projects range from an achievement program for high school students run by NAACP-Trenton, to senior citizen outreach organized by Energetic Citizens Helping Others, to two initiatives focused on criminal record expungement.  A complete list of funded projects is included below.
The small grants program was established in 2014 by the THDC, a coalition of stakeholders convened by Shiloh Community Development Corporation in 2006 to revitalize their neighborhood through a resident-driven plan. Recognizing that small, grassroots groups do significant work, but lack access to traditional funding sources, the THDC Small Grants Program was established with support from Isles, Inc. through New Jersey’s Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program as part of implementing the neighborhood plan while building grantees’ capacity in the process.
To set up the program, Isles, on behalf of the THDC, partnered with I Am Trenton Community Foundation. I Am Trenton was established in 2007 to make Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in our city and community-focused giving. I Am Trenton brought its expertise with grant-making to the program and with this funding round, a total of more than $48,000 has now been distributed to more than 20 projects in the THDC neighborhood since the partnership initiative launched in November, 2014.
Grantees will receive their checks at an awards ceremony on Saturday, November 21st, at 10 a.m. in the Carver Center. The Carver Center, located at 40 Fowler Street, has served as a social center for the community since its construction in the early 1900’s.
Please direct inquiries to:
Dan Fatton, Past President, I Am Trenton Community Foundation
(908) 303-4546 or
John J. Korp, Director of Planning and Development at Isles, Inc.
(609) 341-4729 or
  • A Better Way: Trenton Clean Slate Initiative
To support criminal record expungements and subsequent related services to fifteen ex-offenders in the THDC neighborhood.
  • I Am Real Talk: West Trenton Community Clean-up
To engage youth in cleaning sections of the THDC neighborhood in effort to rid the community of waste.
  • GEMS Youth Development Program: Youth Programs
To continue an arts and academic program that uplifts and builds cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development through stepping, dancing, and mentoring for both boys and girls.
  • Energetic Citizens Helping Others (ECHO): Senior Outreach
    To support outreach to seniors who reside in the THDC Neighborhood with ECHO’s Monthly Newsletter and opportunities to become engaged, informed, independent, alerted to potential fraudulent consumer practices and scams. 
  • My Eternal Family: Expungement Relief
To support a community event for THDC residents to learn the status of expungement eligibility immediately. Eligible stakeholders will be paired up with a free attorney who will assist with their paperwork.
  • NAACP Trenton Branch: ACT-SO
To support an achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students, culminating in local and national competitions. 
  • Vocational and Service Training (VAST):
    Learning & Integrated Vocational Experience (L.I.V.E.)
To support VAST’s GED training, which combines training and computer work with relevant out of classroom activities for 25 THDC students.

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Princeton Day School Student RUCHITA ZAPARDE ’17 Named 2015 Nickelodeon HALO Honoree

Princeton – Princeton Day School announced today that Ruchita Zaparde ’17 (Plainsboro) has been chosen as a 2015 Nickelodeon HALO Honoree, one of only four teens chosen from across the country. The award, which stands for Help And Lead Others, is in recognition of Ruchita’s work with the non-profit Sew A Future, which she founded in the 7th grade, and which provides sewing machines to widows with young children in rural India.


Sew A Future provides sewing machines and training so these young mothers can take on tailoring jobs in their villages and earn a living. As Ruchita notes, “When you invest in women, they invest in their children and their communities. But to truly thrive they need a steady source of income for life to support themselves and their families. A sewing machine does much more than allow one to stitch clothes; it provides a mother with self-respect and dignity—most importantly, in the eyes of her children.” Through her fundraising efforts, more than 213 widows have been helped with the gift of a sewing machine.


Sew A Future partners with other schools—57 schools to date—by presenting their efforts to members of Key Clubs, Interact Clubs, National Honor Society (NHS) Chapters, and other community service programs often via Skype, and asking for help with fundraising. High school and middle school volunteers generally raise funds for sewing machines, and elementary school students collect buttons, threads, and sewing fabrics. In addition, Sew A Future sends pictures, videos, and the address details of the beneficiary families to sponsoring students. Ruchita added, “A number of kids from these families have expressed their gratitude through letters to sponsoring students and schools.” The photos and letters have a real impact on the students who are raising the funds for Sew A Future.

For more about Sew A Future, visit The HALO award show will air on Sunday, November 29 at 7:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon.

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HSP Announces Izzy Kasdin as New Curator of Collections and Exhibitions

The Historical Society of Princeton (HSP) is pleased to announce the hiring of Isabel (Izzy) Kasdin as Curator of Collections and Exhibitions.


Overseeing all collections management operations, Izzy is also responsible for establishing and enforcing HSP's collecting priorities. She also plans, researches, and executes all of HSP's exhibitions, on-site and in other area businesses and locations. As an overall advocate for HSP's holdings, Izzy is passionate about centering HSP's programming and public presence around its incredible collections in innovative and unexpected ways.


"Izzy has arrived at HSP at the perfect time," said Executive Director Erin Dougherty. "As we launch our exciting new headquarters at Updike Farmstead in January, Izzy is already putting her great knowledge, experience, and love of Princeton history to use in our moves and future plans."


Izzy earned her BA in History at Princeton University, where she focused some of her independent work on local Princeton histories. In addition to graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Izzy received the prestigious Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize, as well as the Lawrence Hutton Prize in History and the C.O. Joline Prize in American History. She recently earned a Masters degree (MPhil) in Archaeological Heritage and Museums at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.


While attending Princeton High School, Izzy volunteered as a docent in HSP's museum at Bainbridge House and served as Research Assistant in 2014.


"I am thrilled to be back at the Historical Society in this new role," said Kasdin. "Working as a high school docent at HSP is what cultivated in me a passion for museum and public history work, and interfacing with HSP visitors everyday demonstrated to me the importance and power of local history.


"I am so happy to be able to curate the stories of a town where I have spent so much of my life and that originally endowed me with a love of history. I feel I am truly blooming where I was planted."



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Hopewell Valley Central High School Senior Earns Top Civil Air Patrol Honor

WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III presented the General Carl A. Spaatz Award to Cadet Col. Matthew Jackson, a Civil Air Patrol cadet, during a Nov. 9 ceremony at the Pentagon.

“We’re recognizing Matt as he joins an elite group,” Welsh said. “Just 0.2 -- not 2.2 -- percent of Civil Air Patrol cadets earn the Spaatz award.”

The Spaatz award was established in 1964 and is the Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet honor. Cadets qualify for the award after devoting an average of five years to progress through 16 achievements in the CAP’s cadet program, culminating in a rigorous four-part exam including a physical fitness test, essay exam on moral reasoning, comprehensive written exam on leadership, and a comprehensive written exam on aerospace education.

Upon passing all Spaatz award exams, the cadet is promoted to the rank of cadet colonel. Since its inception, only 2,003 cadets have earned the Spaatz award -- on average, two out of every 1,000.

Jackson serves in the Twin Pine Composite Squadron of the New Jersey Wing, West Trenton, New Jersey.

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YWCA Princeton Robotics Camp wins National Honors

STEM Uncovered, with support from the Noyce Foundation and the C.S. Mott Foundation, organized a national video competition where organizations across the country were asked to highlight what kids loved about their afterschool and summer STEM learning programs, how it inspired their future plans and create a video showing how the programs support innovative activities and help their students in identifying with STEM careers. The YWCA Princeton Robotics Camp told its story and was chosen as one of six winning programs in the entire country and was honored at the National Afterschool STEM Summit in Washington D.C.  YWCA Princeton's winning video will also be presented at the New Jersey's Annual Afterschool Conference in November.


The YWCA Princeton Robotics Camp offers a marvelous, hands-on camp that exposes young minds to the world of robotics. Supportive, teacher-led instruction is followed by applied learning experiences where students are encouraged to spend time exploring and strategizing with one another on different robotics structures. In keeping with YWCA Princeton's mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, the program curriculum also includes fun activities that are designed to provide a sense of inclusiveness, pride, and achievement in each camper. Visit to learn about the competition and view the winning videos. For more information about YWCA Princeton Robotics Program, contact the Director of Programs Tara O'Shea at or (609) 497-2100 ext. 334.

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National Letters of Intent: Hun School Celebrates Six Student Athletes

Princeton, NJ – Six Hun School student-athletes signed National Letters of Intent on Wednesday, November 11th and made official commitments to NCAA Division I institutions. Through their dedication in the classroom and on athletic fields, they will go on to some of the nation's most competitive and prestigious universities.


Owen Black '16


Villanova University

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey


Alexandra Callaway '16


George Mason University

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey


Michael Farnish '16


Notre Dame University

Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania


Alexis Goeke '16


Saint Peter's University

Hometown: Bordentown, New Jersey


Austin Harriott '16


Loyola Maryland University

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Luke Prybylski '16


Villanova University

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey


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2015 Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance Raised Over $95,000 in Support of Parkinson’s Research

(Kingston, NJ, November 5, 2015)  The Parkinson Alliance announced today that the 2015 Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run, held last September 26th in Princeton, NJ, raised over $95,000 and net proceeds will go to Parkinson’s disease research.  In addition to raising funds for much needed research, the race brought together runners and supporters to help find a cure for Parkinson’s disease research. 

“While our annual road race offers a 5K course that is sanctioned by the USA Track & Field (USATF) and a one mile fun run, it is more than a run/walk.  Our race unites the Central Jersey community to raise awareness and funding to support research for better treatments and hopefully one day, a cure,” explains Martin Tuchman, the Chairman of The Parkinson Alliance.


Carol Walton, Chief Executive Officer of The Parkinson Alliance, adds that, “We attribute the success of our 16th race to runners who enlisted their family and friends to participate in our event and fundraise for Parkinson’s research.  Our event is also supported by corporate teams, as well as volunteers who make our event possible.  We are thankful to our generous sponsors who allow for net proceeds to go to research.”  The 2015 race was supported by 51 sponsors, including Boston Properties who serves as the host of our event.


On the day of the race, The Parkinson Alliance presented the Bucks County Roadrunners Club with the King Award, for their longstanding support of the event.  In addition to their passion for running, BCRR participates in this race as a way of supporting several members of their club who are living with Parkinson’s disease and yet, continue to run.  The King Award recognizes a group’s dedication and commitment to the Parkinson’s community and was created in memory of Joseph G. Fennelly, a generous philanthropist and long term volunteer of The Parkinson Alliance.

The date is set for the 17th Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run; it will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  For event updates, supporters are encouraged to follow the Carnegie Center 5K on Facebook

To learn more about The Parkinson Alliance and its work to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research, visit our website.

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Princeton Grand Dame Honored

The Princeton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honored a grand dame of Princeton on October 25th, by dedicating a plaque on her grave in the Princeton Cemetery.  Josephine Ward Thomson Swann, who founded the chapter in 1893, benefited Princeton both during and after her lifetime. 
She was essential in preserving the deteriorating Rockingham, the last wartime headquarters of George Washington, which is in Kingston.   By bequeathing her home to the town of Princeton, she enabled it to acquire the property that became its borough hall and senior center. 
And by leaving Princeton University $325,000 to help found its Graduate School, she helped it to expand as an institution.  As its dean, Sanjeev Kulkarni, noted in his remarks at a reception following the dedication, her generous bequest encouraged others to donate to this new venture.
According to Princeton Chapter Regent Joanne Shypula, Mrs. Swann was a generous leader who both valued the Princeton area's past and helped it move into the future.     

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Central Jersey's Suppers Club Wins National Award

Central Jersey's Suppers Programs: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Program Wins Award from American Diabetes Association,
Survey Reveals Participants Follow Healthier Lifestyles


PRINCETON, N.J. (Nov. 4, 2015) — As the nation becomes increasingly focused on healthy lifestyles, hundreds of people in Central New Jersey are living healthier lives, thanks to The Suppers Programs, a grassroots organization promoting healthy cooking.


In honor of National Diabetes Month, The Suppers Programs were named a winner of the nationwide ADA Healthy Food Community Friends Award, nominated by the New Jersey ADA office. Suppers is featured in the November issue of Diabetes Forecast for "making a big difference in the fight for widespread access to healthy foods."


Founded in 2006, Suppers is a nonprofit Central Jersey organization whose mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where anyone — especially those with food-related health challenges — can develop and manage their own personal transitions to a healthier life. Suppers is guided by four principles: 

·      The active practice of non-judgment

·      Whole food preparation

·      No commercial messages

·      Restoration of the family table


Participants gather in small groups — mostly private homes — to prepare delicious healthy meals together and conduct "food experiments" related to their particular health goals. Meetings are run by trained volunteer facilitators who create a nonjudgmental, warm and friendly environment. Participants share their personal approaches and experiences, and no experts or third-party testimony is permitted.


Participation in Suppers results in improved overall health, according to results of an independent survey. More than 200 people responded to the online survey, conducted this summer by Strategic Business Research. In addition to Suppers improving overall health, the survey also found that:

·      Suppers serves as a motivational support group.

·      Participants have lowered their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

·      People join Suppers for a variety of reasons, including to lose weight, minimize arthritis symptoms, deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reduce cravings for carbohydrates and more.

·      Almost half (46 percent) of participants attend a Suppers meeting at least once or twice a month.

·      Participants on prescriptions were more likely to be more compliant with their medication after attending a Suppers program but were also able to either stop or lower the dose of certain medications.

·      Consumption of processed foods decreased among participants


"I think one of the most telling findings of the survey is that nearly nine out of ten respondents have recommended The Suppers Programs to others," said founder Dorothy Mullen. Based on survey responses, Mullen said the Suppers board of trustees is looking to expand to Northern Jersey in the future. In addition to its board, Suppers relies on a team of medical advisers for program input.


At the Suppers website,, visitors will find a full schedule of activities and locations of Suppers meetings, more than 500 recipes for everything from almond butter brownies to zucchini hummus. The site also offers many resources including videos, publications, white papers and book reviews. For a full schedule of upcoming activities, see the Suppers Programs' calendar.


For more information, visit or call 609-921-0441.


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New Jersey’s JTT 18 & Under Team Takes 2nd Place in National Championship in Columbia, SC

Skillman, NJ _ Nassau Godz N' Goddezzes competed at the 2015 JTT National Championship beating teams from Texas, Puerto Rico, Minnesota and Virginia before succumbing to Maryland by only 2 games in the finals.

Sixteen teams representing USTA sections throughout the country competed in the 18 & under intermediate division October 22-25 in Columbia, SC.  Nassau Godz N' Goddezzes represented USTA Middle States.

The National team consists of players from 4 Central New Jersey high schools including Montgomery, Princeton, Hillsborough and West Windsor.  One player returned from college to participate in this National tournament.   Most of the players have been playing together for the last 3-4 years in the JTT program at the Nassau Tennis Club.  Five of the players participated on a team that played in the 2012 JTT 14 and Under National Championships.

For more information about the Nassau Tennis Club, visit www.NassauTennis.Net


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Hamilton Jeweler's New Concept Store H1912 Supports HomeFront

Princeton, November 2, 2015:   Hamilton Jewelers’ new concept store H1912, is working to support HomeFront, with a portion of sale proceeds from this new downtown Princeton location going to the Mercer County non-profit.


H1912, launched in October 2015, is a new addition to the Hamilton Jewelers family.  The location at 104 Nassau Street, as well as the company’s website,, features authentic restored and vintage jewelry and watches.  


HomeFront is a Central New Jersey-based organization that is committed to ending homelessness in the region by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community.  HomeFront works to break the cycle of poverty, serving thousands of Mercer County families.   On any given night, HomeFront offers shelter to over 450 individuals, two-thirds of them children.     


H1912 is part of the Hamilton brand group.  Hamilton is a third-generation, family-owned and operated firm with locations in Princeton, NJ and South Florida.  Since 1912, Hamilton has been helping clients celebrate life events while supporting many worthwhile organizations in their communities.  For more information, please visit:

Hamilton Jewelers Donates to Dress for Success Mercer County

PRINCETON, October 30, 2015:   This time of year can be challenging for those in need and many families in Mercer County need assistance to hope for a brighter future.  Hamilton Jewelers recently represented one of their company’s core values of “community support” with an important donation to Dress for Success Mercer County.  


Dress for Success Mercer County aspires to be the leading outcomes-based provider of employment services for women in the greater Mercer County region. Through a full continuum of career services, they empower disadvantaged women to gain employment, support their families and meaningfully contribute to our community. 


At a Princeton Chamber of Commerce Event held last evening at Greenacres Country Club in Lawrenceville, NJ, Hank and Lisette Siegel made the check presentation.  In September, Hamilton hosted a special event, “Girl’s Night Out” to raise funding and awareness for DFSMC.  A portion of proceeds from the sales during the evening was reserved for a contribution to DFSMC, resulting in a donation amount of $10,095.


“We are proud to support such an important and worthwhile organization in Mercer County,” says Hamilton president Hank B. Siegel.  “My grandfather started our company in downtown Trenton over 100 years ago, and it’s important to my family that we always support this community.  We believe strongly in assisting locally, particularly to organizations that help families in need.”


Hamilton Jewelers is a family-owned and operated firm with locations in Princeton and Palm Beach, FL.  Since 1912, Hamilton has provided successive generations of families and friends with impeccable service, value, and selection.  All items are responsibly sourced with care for the environment and the community.  For more information, please visit

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PEI Kids Hosts Successful 10th Annual Wine & Food Tasting Fundraiser

Over 400 community members and businesses came out in support of PEI Kids’ signature Wine & Food Tasting Fundraiser, which featured exotic and luxury cars, private jets, raffles and games, and food and wine from local restaurants and wine vendors.


PEI Kids’ Executive Director Roslyn Dashiell and Board of Trustees President Nicholas Ventura in front of the cake commemorating PEI Kids’ 30th year of service. (Photo taken by Amanda Guthrie Photography)

West Trenton, NJ – October 23, 2015 – Over 400 community members and businesses came out in support of PEI Kids’ 10th Annual Wine & Food Tasting on Friday, October 23rd. The event, which was held at Landmark Aviation located at Trenton-Mercer Airport, featured food from over 20 local restauranteurs along with wines from 16 wine distributors affiliated with West Trenton Fine Wine & Liquors located in Ewing.

All event proceeds support PEI Kids’ child abuse prevention and intervention services, which benefit over 14,000 children and families annually.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the community support received for this event,” said Nicholas Ventura, PEI Kids’ Board of Trustees President and owner of Ventura Wealth Management. “Restaurants, wine vendors, and local businesses donated generously to make the event successful for PEI Kids.” 

Part of what makes this a “signature” event for PEI Kids are the location and unique car and jet displays and games the event features. For the past three years, Interstate Motorsport has provided foreign and exotic cars for display; for the past two years, Direct Approach Aviation has provided a private jet for display, allowing this year’s guest to take a tour of the jet. Additionally, Front Row Seat Productions has provided audio/visual equipment for the past two years, partnering this year with Reid Sound to provide a large screen and projector for displaying sponsorships and advertisements and broadcasting live interviews with guests throughout the evening; Mercer County Golf Academy provided a putting green for a special game; and Pinot’s Palette offered a spin game featuring memorabilia as prizes.


“PEI Kids is a wonderful agency, and we always have a great time participating at this event,” said Interstate Motorsport Owner Steven Waldie. “The event is growing every year, and we are pleased to be part of the team that helps to make that happen.”


This year’s event sponsors include AAA Mid-Atlantic, The Bartlett Family Foundation, Bloomberg, Borden Perlman Salisbury & Kelly, Vince Capodanno, Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation, Customers Bank, ETS, Fennelly Associates, Inc., Evelyn A. Gill, Loni & Marcus Hand, Hill Wallack, Hopewell Township PBA Local 342, Hopewell Township Police Superior Officers Association, Investors Bank, Kalavruzos, Mumola, Hartman & Lento LLC, George Meyer, Mark Mucciacciaro of Morgan Stanley, NJM Insurance Group, Nottingham Insurance, Chris & Denise Pratico, Princeton Radiology, PSEG, Richardson Commercial Realtors LLC, Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader P.C., Taco Bell, Team Toyota of Princeton, The Mercadien Group, The Tuchman Foundation, Inc., Ventura Wealth Management, Whitehead Motors LLC, WithumSmith+Brown PC., and Xerographic Document Solutions.

To learn how you can participate in PEI Kids’ 2016 Wine & Food Tasting Event, please contact Jesse Elliot at 609-695-3739 or To learn more about PEI Kids, please visit

About PEI Kids
Since 1985, PEI Kids’ mission has been dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for all children by providing Prevention/Education and Intervention programs relating to personal safety; sexual abuse; bullying, juvenile crime prevention, and the overall well-being of the child. Currently serving approximately 14,000 children and their families annually, PEI Kids is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit which provides school-based prevention programs reaching over 13,000 students, teachers and parents.  PEI Kids’ intervention services include crisis counseling for child victims of sexual abuse as well as anger management and juvenile offender diversion programs for adjudicated and prevention programs at-risk youth. Since 2011, PEI Kids has been the lead agency for Greater Mercer Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse which spearheads the Enough Abuse Campaign in Mercer County  -- an effort which has trained over 1,500 Mercer County adults in how to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to child sexual abuse.  PEI Kids also provides transportation and supervised visitation for children in foster care and their families. To learn more about PEI Kids and how you can support their work, please call 609-695-3739 or visit


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Attitudes In Reverse® Launches West Coast Chapter To Save More Lives through its Mental-Health Education Program

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (November 2, 2015) –  In mid-November, several leaders of Princeton-based Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR™) will travel to Pasadena, CA, to establish a California chapter of its 100-percent volunteer, nonprofit organization and expand its mission of saving young people’s lives through education about mental health, related disorders and suicide prevention. The entourage will include AIR™ Co-Founders Tricia Baker and her daughter Katelyn; fellow AIR™ Board of Trustee members Judy Duff and Shauna Moses; and Laura Cerrito, a long-time AIR supporter and volunteer. In California, they will meet up with Jane Hightower, a nurse, mother and fellow fan of the popular TV program Supernatural, which served as the connection point for her and Tricia Baker.


Hightower learned about AIR™ during Supernatural star Jared Padalecki's Always Keep Fighting campaign last spring, which supports AIR™ and other organizations focused on improving mental health and preventing suicides. Hightower’s interest was generated by two suicides: one in her son’s middle school and one of a friend of her daughter’s.


"There were a lot of rumors at the school that were to this day never addressed and my kids were scared and confused and I didn't feel equipped to help them navigate everything they were feeling,” Hightower said. “My daughter’s friend was not a person who had ever expressed that he was struggling at all, so that compelled me to begin searching for answers for her. It was then that I learned about the whole movement to end stigma and I was moved to get involved in this fight," she added.


"I followed the Always Keep Fighting campaign closely so I knew that Jared Padalecki had chosen to support AIR™. I went to the websites of all of the organizations he said he was supporting at that time. I called Tricia to see if she would be willing to come out and talk to my kids' school, and one thing led to another and we decided that California students need AIR™, too," Hightower said.


During the AIR™ co-founders and their fellow volunteers’ visit in CA, an IN THEIR SHOES™ exhibit will on display at Pasadena City College on November 12th. In this powerful display, the shoes have tags featuring statements representing thoughts youth may have when they have emotional or mental difficulties: for example, “Why can’t I be happy?”; “I don’t belong anywhere.”; “I can’t get out of bed most days.” The goal is to have 456 pairs of shoes in the exhibit to match the average number of individuals aged 10 to 24 years in California who die by suicide each year.


In New Jersey, this number is 232 and AIR™ has an IN THEIR SHOES™ exhibit consisting of 232 pairs of shoes. The display consistently draws attention and emotion, clearly achieving the goals of building empathy for youth who struggle and encouraging visitors to help their peers get help when needed, as well as to seek help for themselves when needed. “Stigma is the greatest barrier to people seeking help and our IN THEIR SHOES™ exhibit is an effective tool for fighting stigma,” Tricia Baker said. “This is also a goal of our educational program, Coming Up for AIR™. We teach students the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders and emphasize that these are real illnesses and if they experience any of the symptoms, they should not be embarrassed and they should get help as soon as possible.”


The official CA chapter launch event will be AIR's™ Rally to Remember with music; guest speakers, including a representative from the Didi Hirsch Foundation, a local provider of mental health and substance abuse services; and a memorial candle lighting ceremony during which attendees will be invited to light candles in honor of loved ones who were lost too soon. The rally will be held at Paseo Colorado, 280 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA, on November 14, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. across the street from the Pasadena Convention Center where a Supernatural convention will be taking place earlier that day and throughout the weekend.


In fact, the AIR™ group will also be exhibiting at the Supernatural convention, as they have done in several other states over the past couple of years and will continue to do so as part of maintaining and building on the support they have gained from Padalecki, his co-star Jensen Ackles and other actors from this popular TV show. 


#  #  #


Attitudes In Reverse® (AIR™) was established by Tricia, Kurt and Katelyn Baker of Plainsboro, NJ, in 2010, soon after their son/brother Kenny died by suicide following a long battle against severe depression and anxiety. Their mission is to save lives by educating students about mental health, related disorders and suicide prevention. Since January 2011, they have presented to more than 22,000 students in middle and high schools and colleges in New Jersey, New York and Vermont. AIR™ recently began offering Youth Mental Health First AID instruction. AIR™ includes the AIR Dogs: Paws for Minds™ program, bringing dogs into schools to help students de-stress and engage in the conversation about mental health.  In addition, displaced dogs with the ability to serve as Emotional Support Dogs, are matched with individuals who have mental health disorders or developmental disabilities, thereby saving two lives with each match. For more information about AIR™, please visit or call 609-945-3200.

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Princeton Family YMCA's Eighth Annual Centennial Awards Recognizes Local Leaders Committed to Social Responsibility

Seven lauded for their commitment to building community Thursday evening, October 22 at Princeton Family YMCA


PRINCETON -    More than 200 guests attended the Princeton Family YMCA's eighth annual Centennial Awards reception on October 22, which recognized eight individuals for their commitment to social responsibility in the Princeton region and beyond. 

Each year, the Y selects a theme that corresponds to one of its three areas of focus:  youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.  This year's reception highlighted the work of Gigi Goldman, Co-Founder and Co-Director of We Share Solar, an innovative program that empowers American youth to link science and technology with international philanthropy; Maria Juega, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund which defends and promotes civil rights, facilitates access to health care and education for low-income Latin American immigrants, and promotes cross-cultural understanding in the Mercer County regional area; Jim McCloskey, Founder and Past Executive Director, Centurion Ministries, which works to free innocent individuals from prison who had absolutely nothing to do with the crimes for which they were convicted and sentenced to either life imprisonment or death; Kurt and Tricia Baker, who created Attitudes in Reverse in their late son Kenny's memory, an organization which aims to educate society about mental health and suicide prevention; NRG Energy, A company with a conscience that supports communities worldwide. Its Global Giving Fund promotes volunteerism, charitable giving, and partnerships with organizations around the world. Their leadership engenders a culture of giving that inspires its employees to serve, and lastly, the Y bestowed its first surprise award in Social Responsibility to David Sandahl of Hopewell, who led the Princeton Family YMCA as Chairman for 13 years and served on the board for 20.


YMCA Board Members, Jane Fransson and Cameron Manning, both of Princeton, co-chaired the event.  "We were truly honored to say thanks for the good works of these terrific people who have strengthened our social fabric." Manning said.  "The Y values and encourages social responsibility and often serves as a connector among diverse people.  This event reflects this commitment."


The awards presentation is conducted entirely by young people involved with YMCA programs.  The teens serve as the program's moderators and present the awards.  Before the event, each presenter interviews his or her honoree and learns about his work, passions, and accomplishments that have shaped his or her character.  This year's presenters were Sophie Corrodi, age 16, Princeton; Adi Cruz Perez, age 14, Princeton; Antonio Berrios, age 12, West Windsor; Shannen Jones, age 16, South Brunswick; Janki Raythattha, age 14, Princeton; and Charlie Biondi, age 15, Montgomery. 


The event provided a lively night for a good cause.  "There's really nothing quite like this event." Ms. Fransson explains, "Our young presenters bring such a unique perspective.  By talking one-on-one in advance with their respective honoree, each presenter gains a bit of insight into what motivates a successful adult to do what she or he does.  And more often than not, our honorees learn a few things about themselves in the conversation.  There is lots of learning and surprises for everyone – and usually a few teary moments too."


The 2015 honorees were:


Kurt and Tricia Baker

Attitudes In Reverse, Co-Founders

YMCA Presenter: Sophie Corrodi,

Princeton High School, Princeton


Gigi Goldman

We Share Solar, Co-Founder and Co-Director

YMCA Presenter: Adi Cruz Perez,

John Witherspoon Middle School, Princeton


Maria Juega

Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund,

Co-Founder and Executive Director

YMCA Presenter: Antonio Berrios,

Grover Middle School, West Windsor


Jim McCloskey

Centurion Ministries, Founder and Past Executive Director

YMCA Presenter: Shannen Jones,

South Brunswick High School, South Brunswick


NRG Energy

Jennifer Brunelle, Director Global Giving

YMCA Presenter: Janki Raythattha,

Princeton High School, Princeton


David Sandahl

Princeton Family YMCA, Former Chairman

YMCA Presenter: Charles Biondi

Montgomery High School, Montgomery


About the Y

The Y is one of the nation's leading nonprofit strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  Across the U.S., 2,687 Ys engage 21 million men, women and children – regardless of age, income or background – to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the nation's health and well-being and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors.  Anchored in more than 10,000 communities, the Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change.



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Princeton Montessori Alum Makes Broadway Debut

Princeton Montessori School alumnus, Daniel Marmion, '94, is making his Broadway debut on November 2 in the musical Spring Awakening.
Daniel has been acting since his annual elementary operetta performances at the school. After graduating in 8th grade as part of the first graduating cohort, he continued to act in all The Lawrenceville School's productions and then earned a BA in Acting from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Post-graduation, he spent a few years acting in small New York theaters, and a few years ago moved to Los Angeles where he continues to pursue his passion. 
This is the third run of this production of Spring Awakening Daniel has been in, the other two having been in Los Angeles within the last year. Half the cast members are deaf actors using American Sign Language, while speaking actors like Daniel act alongside them, thus making it a totally accessible experience for deaf and hearing audience members. Marlee Matlin, an Academy award-winning deaf actor, plays one of the adult roles, as does Camryn Mannheim, an Emmy-winning actor who, along with a few other cast members, has a proficient knowledge of ASL and is able to both speak and sign simultaneously. 
Spring Awakening will run through January at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in Manhattan. 

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