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New Exhibit at Morpeth Contemporary June 4 -30

The Oiseaux Sisters + Jane Dennis
June 4 - 30, 2016| Reception: Saturday, June 4, 5 - 7 pm
Rumpus:  Wishful Thinking, Civil Discourse features the work of the Oiseaux Sisters (Carolyn Fellman and Susan Andrews) and Jane Dennis, including their "colorful responses" to questions around politics, culture, the environment, and human interaction.
The Oiseaux (French for birds) Sisters migrate seasonally from their Cayuga County, New 
York studios to Gulfport, Florida with periodic detours abroad to Mexico, Europe and Asia. Their deliberately low tech, mixed media objects have been shown for decades in the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Contemporary Craft Show.  Known for its humor and metaphor, their work is part toy shop, part stage set, part library, and part school.

Jane Dennis, who resides in Ithaca, NY, creates sculpture from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, paper, fabric, and acrylic paint, as well as recycled elements that add an element of uncertainty to the process. "The artist can't be in complete control," she says, "and used materials can create a new direction or refuse to budge."

Together in this exhibition they ask:  How to be a visual artist in this time of upheaval and change?  "Engage," the artists encourage. "Change comes. We are all agents of change. Look to your borrowed feathers. Locate those purloined gloves. Stop, look, listen and love anyway. Savor, salvage, spot the switcheroo.  Let the rumpus begin!"
above: The Contrarians: Ship Of State    
Susan Andrews & Carolyn Fellman, Carved and painted wood, modeling compound, toy parts, stamps, beads, found objects. 
This piece was made listening to campaign rhetoric on the studio radio.  The cart moves in either direction, capable of leadership by the elephant or mule.  The figures are repositionable, allowing Rachel Carson or the dice to also move into leadership positions.  Inspired by a vintage pull toy in our collection, this piece speaks to our frustration with the pandering and posturing of the candidates and the suspicion that the one being played with is we, the citizen-voters.
below: Gaurdian Birds, Carolyn Fellman, jumping jack, repurposed kitchen implements
43 West Broad Street Hopewell NJ 08525  |  609.333.9393  |

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