Trail Map of Woodfield Reservation
There are four entrances into Woodfield Reservation.
The main parking area is provided at the Great Road entrance.
There is a total of 2.5 miles of trail.   To help locate the trails, there are blazes
on the tree trunks close to the trail.    Please stay to the marked trails to prevent
inadvertently crossing onto private property which surrounds the park.
Trails are maintained in as natural a state as practical, with few impediments removed.
Be alert for boulders and tree roots on the trial.  Fallen trees are left to be stepped over,
and sometimes the trail is re-routed around a large windfall.  However, where the trails
cross streams, small bridges are provided.  Also, where frequent use causes the trail
to wash away, gravel is being placed to prevent further erosion.   During wet weather,
the trails in the lower sections of the Reservation can become very muddy.
A "Step Bridge"
B Map Box
C "Big Bridge" and Waterfall
D Tent Rock
E Council Rock
F Ponds
G Parking Area at Great Road West
1 Great Road West, 0.15 miles
2 Drakes Corner Road, 0.20 miles
3 Stuart Road West and Cradlerock Road, 0.26 miles
4 Pondview and Pretty Brook Road, 0.06 miles

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5 Scout Trail, 0.55 miles
6 South Loop, 1.19 miles
7 Council Rock Trail,0.12 miles
  Map created by Fred Schulz and provided courtesy of Princeton Township Engineering Department, Feb. 2002
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