Mercer Bucks Running Club is no longer open for business.

Message from Jim Hake re MBRC use of Lawrenceville School Field house:

If on arriving at the field house last night (Jan. 6), you were surprised to find an evening-long track meet in progress, you were not alone.

I was surprised, too, and astonished that MBRC had not been notified of this schedule change.

So, sorry everyone! Take heart, for I am taking an ESP improvement course tomorrow. Talks with Lawrenceville reveal the same schedule for MBRC track use.

As of this moment:

• 1/13, 1/20, 2/17-late start, 7PM (due to afternoon track meet)
• Wednesday, January 27—NO TRACK (evening –long meet as scheduled)

And a reminder—our field house use is only of the track, two toilets and two drinking water sources. MBRC is not insured to use the infield area inside the track or the school weight room. Thank you for continuing to respect the above limitation. I wish I could have forewarned you prior to last night. MBRC has been coming to Lawrenceville once weekly since 1980. We deserve better.

J. Hake, MBRC/Lawrenceville Liaison

Run indoors with Mercer-Bucks

Mercer-Bucks Inside (MBI) is the present evolution of the Mercer-Bucks Running Club. "Insiders" run/walk the Lawrenceville School indoor track, Wednesday nights, within the time frame 6:30-8:00 PM. When appearing, providing necessary information below and submitting the required fee will signify for the Lawrenceville School that you are insured and therefore may use the facility.

As indicated above you may just show up at the indoor track, or if mailing your fee, send to MBRC, 687 Route 518, Lambertville, NJ 08530. For info call 609-773-0459.

Information/ Required Fee

Please print.

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________

Email: _____________________________

Single ($35) ___ Family ($45) ___ Student ($25) ___

Above fees entitle running/walking indoor s/out once weekly for one year at the Lawrenceville School. Please submit the above and your fee (check written to MBRC) to Jim Hake within one week of your first track appearance.