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Graves Design Studio Store
338 NASSAU STREET     PRINCETON, N.J.       609-497-6878         OPEN M-F 10-4:30     SAT 10-5

Princeton architect Michael Graves, world renowned for his award winning architecture, has designed well over 500 ‘Objects for the Home’ featured in his retail store and catalog.

Located in an historic 1850’s wood frame house at the corner of Nassau and Harrison Streets, the Graves Design Studio Store offers a collection of products bearing Michael Graves’ unmistakable style, including home and office accessories, textiles, and artwork that reinforce the esthetic integrity of his architectural projects.

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"As an architect I’ve always believed that what can make a domestic setting truly home is the infusion of a cultural dimension.

The inspiration for this collection of decorative, table top and personal accessories comes from a love for all things cultural; art, music, literature.

I hope that my designs for the objects in the store may find places in your own realm of cultured domesticity."

All best wishes.


The famous Iconic Alessi stainless steel Whistling Bird Teakettle and coordinating kitchen accessory pieces. Graves creates framed prints, silk ties, enamel pens and business card cases, as well as a signature line of Tuscan landscape jewelry influenced by the Tuscan hills and ‘The Pailo‘ in Siena. Unique gifts abound, including desk and mantel clocks, leather goods, photo frames and albums, jewelry, watches, and gifts for babies and children. Bridal Registry service is available. Gifts are wrapped in distinctive ‘architectural‘ blueprint paper and striking black ribbon.

Visit our retail store or call (800) 279-2642 for a catalog

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