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By Pamela Caywood

Pam, Bill & Grace

It is hard to find clever ways to amuse your child during the day at different places that you may end up. As hard as you try to bring a bag of "stuff", it seems as if the entertaining ability of the "stuff" wears out before your child does. I have begun to develop a repertoire of "games" that can be played anywhere. All you need is your voice (children will not know if you sing off key...thank goodness) and your hands, feet, get the picture.

I have decided to share some of my "winners" with you. These games have come from friends, family, library times, books, you name it I have "stolen shamelessly." So, I do not take credit for any of these fun games, but I will take credit for keeping you and your child happy during an unexpectedly long wait in a doctor's office. I hope that you will enjoy these as much as we do! Please don't get frustrated when you hear "Again!", these games will make your child laugh over and over again.

Please send your favorite games to me and I will add them to the list!

  • Round and Round the Garden:
    • (Take your child's palm and you can sing-song the following words as you make a circle on their palm with your finger)
      Round and Round the garden like a teddy bear.
      (now as you say this verse, run your fingers up their arm and tickle them under the chin)
      One step, two step, tickle under there.

  • Owl "Who":
    • Your child should close his eyes and then you touch noses.
      Tell your child to open his eyes.
      Then immediately say, "Whoooo!" with your eyes as big and as wide as they go.

  • Funny Fingers:
    • (Pull on a different finger of your child as you say the following crazy names)
      Tom Thumbkin,
      Willie Wilkin
      Long Daniel
      Betty Bodkin,
      And Little Jack-a Dandy.

  • Funny You:
    • (Wobble your child on your lap from side to side)
      Jelly on the plate,
      Jelly on the plate,
      Wibble Wobble,
      Wibble Wobble,
      Jelly on the plate.

      (Bounce up and down on the floor)
      Fire on the floor,
      Fire on the floor,
      Stamp it out,
      Stamp it out,
      Fire on the floor.

      (Shake up and down gently)
      Candies in the jar,
      Candies in the jar,
      Shake them up,
      Shake them up,
      Candies in the jar.

      (Blow at each others faces gently)
      Candles on the cake,
      Candles on the cake,
      Blow them out,
      Blow them out,
      Puff, puff, puff.

  • Ring Around the Rosey Plus!
    • Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey.
      Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down!

      The cows are in the meadow and they are sleeping (pretend sleep on the floor)
      Thunder (bang on the floor with your hands)
      Lightening (move hands around over your head)
      They all jump up!

  • Bat and Moth or Bee and Flower
    • Put a blindfold around your child's eyes. Your child will be the bat. Then you say "Moth" and your child will try to find you by the sound of your voice. Once they tag you then it's your turn to be the bat. You can do this same game with a bee and flower or use your imagination for other combinations.

  • Open Shut Them
  • Open, shut them (open and shut hands)
    Open, shut them
    Then we make them clap (clap)

    Open, shut them
    Open, shut them
    Put them in your lap.

  • Little Man/Little Woman
    • Take your pointer and middle fingers and have them walk along the table like a "Little Man." Your child can tell "Little Man" what he should do, where he should go. Generally, he likes to walk up your child's arm and hide behind his ear!!!

  • Jack and Jill
    • (Use your index finger on each hand to be a bird)
      Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill
      One named Jack and one named Jill

      (Have "birds" go behind your back and then come back again) Fly away jack
      Fly away Jill
      Come back Jack
      Come back Jill

    Pamela Caywood 

    Pamela Caywood is the proud mother of 3 year old daughter and a 4 month old baby boy.


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