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14 Tips for Going Green

Earth Day Princeton

Happy Earth Day! We all know that taking care of the Earth is something we should do 24/7 - 365, but it's still good to have a day dedicated to educate and bring awareness to the most basic ways we can adopt sustainable practices. It can be as little as turning the light off when you don't need it and taking reusable bags with you to the supermarket. Since there are so many ways to go green, we polled the community for how they honor Earth Day today and every day. 

Be sure to let us know your best green tips too! Spread the Earth love! 

1. I try to follow the river friendly resident program at the Watershed.  No pesticides or fertilizer - Peter, Princeton Online President & CEO   

2. I canceled my NYTimes weekly paper, use all cloth grocery bags ( even at target), and I NEVER buy plastic water bottles - Jane, POL Content Manager 

3. Shady Brook Farm makes their own mulch. They encourage locals to drop off their grass clippings, twigs, sawdust, leaves, etc to turn into mulch, which can be ordered by customers.  - Elisa, Community Manager 

4. We ditched our Keurig and bought a drip coffee maker - Sarah Hughes, founder/editor

5. I follow the Hopewell Valley Green Team and take advantage of their opportunities to recycle styrofoam, wine corks, CDs, etc., as well as Mercer County's electronics and household chemicals recycling collection. - Tracy Meyer @twmtalks 

6. Keep Middlesex Moving invites commuters take the Pledge to unplug for one hour, whether in your car, at home, or at the office - small, simple actions can make a huge impact. Join hundreds of commuters across Middlesex County and take the Eearth Day Pledge at - Cristina Fowler, Marketing Communications Manager, Keep Middlesex Moving

7. Let go of stuff you don't need and sell it at the Princeton Public Library community-wide yard sale on Saturday, April 30th, from 9am to 1pm. The event is co-sponsored by Sustainable Princeton and is part of the Princeton Environmental Film Festival (PEFF). Visit

8. Skoy cloths - brilliant replacement for papertowel, sponges, etc. Just throw in washer and drier to clean. Color code for diff uses - Cricket Allen, founder of the Perfect Snaque and mom of The Kitchen Twins!

9. Eating from local farms - when you eat local you rely less on produce from far away which relies heavily on transportation. More mass transportation = more fuel into our atmosphere. And some of my favorite local farms: Blue Moon Acres, Rolling Hills Farm, Ely Farm Products, The Stockton Farmers Market and West Windsor Farmers Market - Samantha Hadcastle, owner of 

10. Use Pure Haven Essentials, safe and effective products. No microbeads or chemicals going down my drains! - Christine Storie, consultant with Pure Haven Essentials 

11. Princeton Elks is offering a recycling program in conjunction with Terracycle- cosmetic packaging, toothpaste containers, etc. They receive small donations to the Charitable Trust which serves Special Children, Veterans, and Youth Activities in the community. Details on their Facebook page. - Heather M. 

12. Composting! I keep a countertop compost bucket near my trash can so I can easily gather my food waste. Then I empty into my composting bin outside when full. - Casey H.

13. Recycle, bring your own bags to the grocery store, support local farmers markets and join a local CSA! We have been members of Stults Farm on Cranbury Neck Rd in West Windsor for years. We split a share with my sister who lives near the farm. - Jennifer G.

14. Since my job is sustainability, I kind of drive my family crazy at home. We compost, recycle practically everything (even shoes, batteries, toys - nothing gets landfilled). When I built my new kitchen last year, I made sure that all of the big items were manufactured domestically  and my countertops came from a facility in MN (Cambria) that is ISO 14001 certified (which means they have to prove that they have a robust environmental program by getting audited by a third party annually). When we were deconstructing the old kitchen I gave away everything I could - even tried giving the cabinets away to a neighbor. Our old kitchen table became a work bench in the garage, and we made the chairs into stools for my son to stand on while working with his dad.  I make my own cleaners with vinegar. We buy local whenever we can, and eat pretty clean. We grow our own veggies in the summer. - Alison Gosselin, Director, Sustainability and Engineering, Aramark Leisure



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