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Do you get sad when you finish a good book? Would you rather spend a rainy afternoon in the movie theater than take a nap? If yes, tune in to the Princeton Online’s Entertainment Blog and find out what’s new in the world of books and film.
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Brooklyn Bridge

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OK I admit it. I am not a Holiday Blockbuster fan. Yes I will occasionally head to AMC Hamiton on a holiday weekend (as I did the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, which seemed to be the busiest movie day of the year), and I will no doubt do so on Christmas weekend. So if there are any of you out there who like me would rather catch an independent movie or "small" film over big budget extravaganzas, I highly recommend Brooklyn.

I read Colm Toibin's wonderful homage to the Brooklyn of old -- before gentrication, coffee houses, artisanal beer and kale galore -- a few years ago, so when I heard it was made into a movie, I hesitated before going. It's hard to make a movie as good as a great book (bad books are another story!) and there's always something that doesn't quite gel from the reading experience. But in this case, Brooklyn the movie does not disappoint.

Interestingly enough, the wonderful star of the movie, Saorise Ronan, was the young scene stealer in another movie that was just about as good as the book - Atonement. And in Brooklyn, along with Ronan, there is a child scene stealer who had me howling with laughter every time he opened his mouth - James DiGiacomo -- who plays the young Frankie, brother of Saorise's love interest.

The movie has a terrific cast, a well-done adapted screenplay, but it shines brightest because of Ronan. You can't take your eyes off of her, and her eyes have it - the weight of the world, a girl in love, a girl in grief. She is an Oscar contender in my book.

Our next Cate Blanchett perhaps? Next up for watching - Carol featuring Cate B and another favorite - Rooney Mara - who was terrific in "Girl with Dragon Tatoo" (another great movie from great book).

Happy Holidays and see you at the movies!

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