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Prepare for the needs of your pet in hostile weather.

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Pet Preparedness – Keeping your pet safe and sound in bad weather
Everyone in the area has experienced some wild weather over the past year. We have seen record snow fall and rain, earthquakes, and now hurricanes. Weather forecasts have given us the ability to properly prepare for these events prior to their arrival. Usually, the mad dash to the grocery store for the French toast essentials (milk, eggs, bread) water, and other necessities causes panic to the masses and someone always ends up without. An often overlooked aspect of these situations is the needs for our pets. 
Irene was devastating to the area leaving us with a loss of power, gas, and in some cases water. In these desperate times, it is equally as important to make sure your supplies cover your pets as well. When storing or stocking up on water, be mindful of your pets needs as well. Many people found themselves desperately short on water supplies for their human family members let alone their multiple pet needs. Getting an extra supply of their normal food is something to consider as well.
One of the most important aspects of your pets health is making sure you have enough supply of any medications they may be on, including pills, jells, fluids, etc… Getting an extra supply prior to the bad weather may help you and your pet if travel becomes hard or impossible.    Keep a list of items and medications your pet is on including conditions your pet may have. Your veterinarian may not be able to assist you in weather such as this, which might force you to rely on another hospital. In a situation such as this, a copy of your records would be ideal to reference. At the very least, a list of conditions and medication requirements would help get you the supplies you need more quickly.      
Lastly, it is always good to try to keep our pets comfortable. Their favorite pillow, blanket, ball, toy, or stuffed animal are important to keep you pet calm and relaxed. Also keep leashes and other transport items on hand and available in case you need to exit.  A relaxed pet makes for a more relaxed owner. 
Quick Reference Chart
  1. Keep ample supply of water and food for your pet
  2. Make sure you have enough supply of medications and essentials
  3. Keep a copy of your pets records or a list of all conditions, medications, etc… in case you need to visit a different veterinarian
  4. Keep some of your pets favorite items close, comfort items will keep you pet relaxed
  5. Keep leashes, carriers, or other transport items ready in case you need to move quickly 

Moderated by Stephen Tracey.

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