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The Green Road

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What is it about writers and the road? (Perhaps we can all thank The Odyssey.) On the Road, Travels with Charlie, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance are vehicles for spiritual, metaphysical journeys.

More recently, The Green Road by Ireland's laureate Anne Enright tackles the roads not taken - the coulda shoulda woulda roads, often the road to nowhere.

I was fortunate to have just attended a Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts reading by Ms. Enright as part of their Irish culture series, and was immediately drawn into her story of a dysfunctional family (not much material with functional ones!) all seeking their own Green Road.

The alcoholic sister, the do-gooder brother who can't escape his own narcissism , the golden boy who flew the coop but never truly found his way, the older sister who never left home but yearned for something more. The mother who takes flight from them all and gets lost along the way.

"Don't butter your popcorn yet," Enright replied when I asked whether this picturesque novel would make it to the silver screen. So for you readers out there, go find the book and enjoy these roads less traveled.


Moderated by Wendell Collins.

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