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Academy Awards Redux

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Mad Max? Really? Well I guess the special effects were amazing, but seriously, that movie won the most Oscars, and terrific films like Big Short, The Martian, and Brooklyn were left (mostly) high and dry? Well, I was pleased to see a few deserving winners in the mix.

First of all, hooray for Mark Rylance in The Bridge of Spies. He stole the award from front-runner Sly Stallone and surprised many at the awards. I couldn't have been more pleased. This Spielburg flick grows on you (I saw it twice), and mostly because of the terrific cast led by Tom Hanks with the glue of the film held together by Rylance.

My second "hooray" was for "Spotlight," which i also watched twice. Again, a wonderful movie with a great cast, devastating message and tremendous impact.


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