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The Peacock Inn Introduces New Bar Blog

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Meet The Peacock Inn's Bartender, 
Landing on earth at the tail end of Generation X, Chris is well versed in Atari, Japanese Animation, skydiving and all things beverage. His resume lists stints at several cocktail bars throughout NYC, including Saxon and Parole,  which won the prestigious'Tales of the Cocktail' Spirited Award for 'Best Restaurant Bar USA in 2013 during his employment. He also poured and stirred at The gin bar Madam Geneva, as well as the Michelin starred Lincoln Ristorante. Chris also bartended at Momofuku Ssam Bar and Ma Peche before becoming the Bar and Spirits Director for Momofuku, where he was the creative mind behind several of their diverse beverage programs. When the laws in NYC made it possible for spirits to be distilled in New York City Chris became the Distiller for Kings County Distillery, where he spent his days making Bourbon, Brandy and Moonshine in a warehouse in Brooklyn.
Having spent his childhood in New Jersey, Chris decided to come back home a few months ago. He is now working as the Head Bartender at The Peacock Inn where he hopes to continue to be challenged and is able to stay on the path towards creating new and innovative programs behind the bar. Also, he has never played Atari and is slightly creeped out by Japanese Animation.  The rest is true. 
We are proud to introduce Chris' knowledge and opinions about bartending and cocktails with:
The Peacock Inn's New Bar Blog
The most important cocktail broken down, sort of. What's with the Martini?:

When I began my career as a bartender there was no such thing as cocktail menus. The word cocktail didn't even really exist, come to think of it. Back then, in the early 2000's, if you wanted to look at a menu of drinks that consisted of a mixture of spirits and juices, you asked for the 'Martini list.' I worked at some great places and we had some great 'martinis,' concoctions like the 'Flirtini,' which was some kind of flavored vodka with cranberry juice and some other juice from a can and sparkling wine, and we had the 'Appletini,' which was vodka and sweet green stuff called 'pucker,' and there was the 'Peachtini' and the 'Strawberrytini' and some of the 'martinis' didn't even have the word 'tini' at the end, but still we called them 'martinis.' ...READ MORE

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