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Walking Tours Announcements

Princeton Tour Company Launches Brunch & Walking Tours of Historic Town

Princeton, NJ, March 30, ----An iconic university, a charming town, rich history and a dynamic arts scene are showcased in the new season's Weekend Walking and Brunch Tours from the Princeton Tour Company.  Scheduled every weekend from April through November, the two-and three-hour walking tours cover three miles of the legendary Princeton University Campus and the surrounding neighborhoods where legends like Albert Einstein, John Nash, Woodrow Wilson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michelle Obama and Michael Graves lived, worked and studied.
Choose the Shameless Namedropping Tour on Saturday or combine a   bountiful brunch at one of Princeton's top restaurants with a walking tour that focuses on a special aspect of Princeton's history. Walking tours are priced at $25 for adults and $20 for children 12 and under. The price of brunch is additional.

For private tours or general questions, email or call 1-855-743-1415. Or, go to
Saturday Walking Tours - Weekends from April - November

Shameless Namedropping Tour of Princeton. Albert Einstein, T.S. Eliot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Brooke Shields and Toni Morrison are just a few of the famous names dropped on this three-mile excursion that takes in all the essential sights from the main university campus to the streets where legends lived 
Tiger Mascot.
Princeton University's legendary athletes transformed collegiate sports, playing in America's first football game and inventing the curve ball. The tour includes the history of Princeton University and a look at the exterior of its fabled fields and courts where sports stars from Dick Kazmaier '52 to former basketball great and US Senator Bill Bradley '65, once starred. The tour begins with a hearty pub brunch at the Yankee Doodle Tap Room in the historic Nassau Inn.

Dates: Sundays June 5, August 21, October 2, 
November 6, 2016
Russell Crowe as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind.
Princeton boasts a star-studded history - such noted actors as James Stewart, Brook Shields and Mel Ferrer studied here. The town and campus set the scene for such notable films as A Beautiful Mind, IQ, Transformers II, Scent of a Woman and Admission.  Guests will visit famous movie sets and learn about the actors and actresses, playwrights and directors who have graduated from Princeton University including  Brooke Shields, Dean Cain, David Duchovney, Ethan Cohen, Wayne Rogers, Wentworth Miller and more! The tour begins with brunch at Triumph Brewery, one of Princeton's most popular pubs. 

Dates: May 22, July 17, August 20, October 23, 2016.
Albert Einstein's home on Alexander Road.
Time Magazine's Man of the Century, Albert Einstein lived and worked in Princeton, a town he called "paradise." The tour begins with brunch at the stylish Mistral restaurant and moves on to visit the exterior of Einstein's homes and favorite places around town. Guests will learn much about the legendary genius, including such little-known facts that Einstein could not wear socks, count change or drive a car!  
Dates: April 17, June 26, September 11, 2016
Among his many accomplishments, Princeton's own civil rights leader, Paul Robeson was the first African-American to appear on Broadway
Civil rights activist, star scholar and athlete, actor, singer, humanitarian and lawyer, Paul Robeson was born in Princeton and was one of the first African-Americans to attend Rutgers University and Columbia Law School and the first African American to appear on Broadway. Guests will learn about his remarkable life and visit the historic Witherspoon Jackson Neighborhood and the house where Robeson was born. Brunch is at the award-winning Agricola Eatery.

Dates: May 29, August 14, October 16
Alexander Hall, built in 1894,is a stunning example of Romanesque architecture
Since its founding in 1746, Princeton University's history spanned major political, scientific and cultural events from the American War of Independence to the theories of Albert Einstein to groundbreaking research today. The university's stunning buildings represent every significant architectural style in the United States, many by graduates of the respected Princeton University School of Architecture. The tour covers the university's chronological and architectural history as well as as it famous Prospect Gardens and Arboretum. Brunch is at Agricola, noted for its award-winning New American cuisine.

Dates: April 24, September 18, 2016
F. Scott Fitzgerald found Princeton "paradise."
Many of America's literary giants studied, wrote or lived in Princeton. F. Scott Fitzgerald described his years at the university in This Side of Paradise and the tour includes a look at his dorm, library and eating club.  Guests will also see the homes and haunts of such acclaimed authors as T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Beach, Gertrude Stein, Eugene O'Neill, Thornton Wilder, Edgar Allen Poe, William Faulkner and Thomas Mann. There is also a visit to the office building where Toni Morrison, Jeffrey Euginedes, Richard Ford, David Hackett Fischer, Dashiell Hammett, John O'Hara, John McPhee, Cornel West,  Joyce Carol Oates, Saul Bellow, Carlos Fuentes, Jacques Maritain and Allen Tate worked their literary magic. The tour begins with brunch at the historic Peacock Inn, a favorite Speakeasy of Fitzgerald's.

Dates: May 8, October 9, November 13, 2016
Business magnate, philanthropist, and Princeton trustee, Edgar Palmer graduated in 1903. He was the visionary and driving force behind Princeton's famous Palmer Square, noted for its shops, restaurants and residences . 
Gather at the acclaimed Peacock Inn for brunch and a history of Princeton and the many scions of wealthy families who attended the university. Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies and Roeblings are just a few of the rich and famous names to make Princeton their home.
Dates: April 10, June 19, July 24, 
September 4, 2016.

Floating Figure by Gaston LaChaise..
The Princeton Campus is home to a superb outdoor sculpture collection featuring works by world-famous artists. The tour covers the history of Princeton while strolling the campus and viewing this priceless collection of works by Picasso, Nevelson, Calder, Lipschitz, Moore and many more renowned sculptors. The tour will begin at Mediterra Restaurant, known for its fine Mediterranean cuisine.
Dates: April 3, June 12, August 28, 2016
Divining the spirits of Paranormal Princeton.
Given its long and eventful history, Princeton has several haunted spots and paranormal happenings. Guests visit various haunted spots on campus and in town and chat with local shopkeepers who have witnessed ghostly events. Princeton Tour Company provides therma-meters, dowsing rods and the PEAR Lamp to prove Princeton  is haunted!! Brunch is at the historic Yankee Doodle Tap Room, the famous pub in the Nassau Inn.

Dates: May 5, July 31, October 30, 2016.
Team Princeton - The Princeton Tour Company's guides are immersed in the lore, legend and history of this iconic university town and its famous residents. 

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