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Do you get sad when you finish a good book? Would you rather spend a rainy afternoon in the movie theater than take a nap? If yes, tune in to the Princeton Online’s Entertainment Blog and find out what’s new in the world of books and film.

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The Red Carpet Awaits

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For the first time in MANY years, this year's Academy Awards is a real toss-up. Well, yes, I'm sure there are the usual front-runners, but I've tried to steer clear of the media fray and just see the movies, like the rest of the world.

And what a crop of flicks there are!

Early in the year, I took in Beasts of the Southern Wild, which took my breath away. The cinematography, the odd lot cast, the girl with the rain boots - what's not to love? The coffee shop owner who takes a star turn as the Ike Turner of the Bayou and almost steals the show, although the little girl lead ran away with it at the end. It will take at least one Oscar, just not sure which one.

Then ergo, as noted in earlier blogs, there was Argo, which also will win something, I just can't tell you what. At least I hope it will. Great cast, great writing, tight editing, strong but hands-off directing.

As the year passed, I found myself in loca theaters more and more - first to see Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis will win, and Tommy Lee Jones is a toss up for supporting actor along with De Niro) and then Life of Pi (nice flick, won't win much except maybe special effects) and Silver Linings Playbook, which was the biggest surprise of the year in my oscar play book. This is one of those movies that just grows on you. Best Picture of the Year or at least adapted screenplay and an actress award for Jennifer Lawrence if not Jessican Chastain in 0D30 

Les Miserables was also worth watching if not just to relive the stage version and see Hollywood actors really sing (no lip synching!) but the nose hair shots started to get on my nerves... not quite up to par with its competitors.

I can't venture to guess who will win best director - perhaps Spielberg for the sheer effort of Lincoln.

Other movies I saw:  The Impossible was good but hard to watch and a bit late in the season, so not sure how much it will win. But all worth watching, which is more than one can say about a large number of movies in the past.

Did not see Skyfall but Adele is great so maybe that will win best song...

That's it for my picks..looking back, I have been right and have been way wrong - this year there is so much to choose from ... I think a few just might stick!



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