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Bridesmaids and Hangovers

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Interestingly enough, the two longest playing movies in a long time (except for our most recent review, The King's Speech) are Hangover II and Bridesmaids. One is a sequel, the other a variation on Hangover for girls but much funnier in many ways. At least for chicks.

The Hangover broke the mold of guy roadtrip/bachelor party flicks by its inspired casting, creative script and excellent cinematography, combined with laugh out loud just plain gross humor. Bridesmaids does the same thing for wedding movies but takes it a step beyond with a tinge of real life:  alcoholism, lonely sex, failed businesses and dreams, and perhaps the strongest theme of all, enduring friendships.

And I do think I laughed out loud a few more times than The Hangover, thanks to the hilarious scene stealing of the largest bridesmaid ever.

Bridesmaids has the expected scenarios - bridesmaid dress shopping and bachelorette parties and bridal showers -- but takes them in a very different direction than such predecessors as 27 Dresses, The Wedding Planner, etc. I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it, but the airplane scene was even funnier than that of Midnight Run and about as funny as Ben Stiller's bombardier turn in Meet the Parents.

Hats off to Kristen Whig for managing to combine slapstick humor and pathos, and Jon Hamm for now being considered one of the biggest cads since Rhett Butler.




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