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Bingewatching the Oscars

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Bingewatching the Oscars

I must confess that I bingewatched (for the second time) the entire ouevre of Breaking Bad over New Year's (a bizarre respite from reading my daughter's college essays) but have never watched almost all of the Oscar nominees in one or two sittings. A recent trip across the pond offered me that unique opportunity.

My takeaway? Well, it makes a difference to see a movie on the big screen like Gravity, but I still don't see it as a great film. On the other hand, Nebraska was wonderful on the small screen so would imagine it great at the Garden as well. (Now a bigger screen and digital!). Great cast, perfect music, good screenplay and amazing cinematography. I think it should have won more awards (did it win any?).

Philomena was a sweet movie as well but more about Judi Dench's performance than great movie making.

I had the opportunity to re-watch a few flicks as well -- August Osage County, Blue Jasmine and The Way Way Back, and each were interesting to re-watch on the small screen. Cate Blanchett's performance definitely deserved the Oscar, and Woody's take on NYC excess was devastatingly on target.

Meryl Streep would have won in a different year, although some of her tics reminded me of Sophie's Choice (maybe it was the holocaust hair) and I found it hard to re-watch this very tough flick, but caught more about the film's nuances the second-go-round. The arc of the movie, like the arc of the play, were perfect (thank you Eric Clapton and Sally).

The Way Way Back was also fun to re-see - unclear why it was unnominated, but what a wonderful performance by Toni Collette and Sam Rockwell to name just a few.

American Hustle was a terrific ensemble too - seen on the big screen and not on the plane.

This leaves the big winners still in my queue - 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyer's Club -- ready for another flight! (or a flight to AMC Hamilton).


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