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A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life
My dog Tucker, protesting Uggie's shutout

A Dog’s Life


After The Artist took home the gold I finally got myself to the Garden to see it.  A good thing too, as seeing it in a theater is far superior to the small screen.


As many have noted, The Artist was a surprise hit because its unabashed affection for Hollywood, its uniqueness as a silent movie, and its endearing cast and timeless story.


But I must confess my favorite aspect was Uggie the dog. Maybe I have a soft spot for dogs, and especially Jacks, in the movies, because I have a Jack Russell (Lucy) among other dogs, and before that Raleigh, both rough coats like Uggie.


My Dog Skip featured an equally (if not more) winning performance of a Jack that pulled at the heartstrings of movie goers in a more honest way, frankly, than Marley and Me. Don’t get me wrong – I love Golden Retrievers as much as the next one (am taking care of a puppy now) but no one can deny the intelligence, spunk and chutzpah of the Jack Russell.


So I was surprised to learn that some 80 years ago, perhaps around the time that Chaplin was tramping around the big screen with his mongrel, the Academy voted to not award Oscars to dogs. Foul Play!


Where would The Artist be without the dog? Dead!  Same for the others – Because of Winn Dixie, Skip, Marley, Old Yeller, none would be anything without their dog stars. How can Oscar deny an award to a canine that brings in the box office?


I vote for a special lifetime accomplishment award to All Dogs that have Gone to Heaven and not gotten their just desserts. Lassie Come Home!


Moderated by Wendell Collins.

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A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life
My dog Tucker, protesting Uggie's shutout

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