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Turning Point Facade

The Turning Point began in 1998 when Kirk Ruoff purchased a small restaurant in Little Silver and decided to make it his own. The Turning Point concept took shape and the breakfast, brunch and lunch establishment was born. Since then, Kirk has opened an additional ten locations in New Jersey with plans to expand into Pennsylvania.

Lobster BenedictKirk and the now, President of Operations, Bonnie Iavaroni, have made a menu that is fresh, healthy and made from scratch. Bonnie began with The Turning Point in 1999 as the head chef and still has a close eye on the menu selections. The menu consists of breakfast, brunch and lunch staples that can be had in the morning or afternoon. The lobster benedict is a favorite among locals. Kirk also strives to serve an amazing cup of coffee. Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain are just a couple of options a customer can choose from.


When asked why The Turning Point isn’t open past three, the answer is simple, “work to live, not live to work.” Family is very important to Kirk and he believes in a work and life balance. The Turning Point family is happy to have joined the Princeton community and we look forward to meeting many of the locals.

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